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”Verdocs is a real game-changer in my commercial real estate business. I have saved countless hours on menial tasks such as processing payments for rental applications and printing, signing, scanning, filing, and labeling lease agreements. I now have more time to focus on growing my business.”
Omid Sharifian
CEO , Lila Co
“As a roofing contractor, we have multiple solutions to meet different departmental needs. Once we switched all processes over to Verdocs and with the help of their team, our client contract experience, and HR needs have been streamlined. Thank you, Verdocs!”
Nick Barzegar
CEO , Escex Storm Restorations
“After working with a few different e-signature solutions, Verdocs is by far my first choice for both big and small projects. It’s easy to use and gives multiple options of how to get documents signed. On top of that, the customer service has been outstanding.”
Laura Tucker
Marketing and Events Manager , Krevolin Horst
“Our small law firm had long had a need for an e-signing solution, but we balked at subscribing to “the big guys”. Verdocs was referred to us at just the right time – multiple agreements needed to be countersigned and filed with the court within 24 hours. Verdocs immediately assisted us and walked us through executing these agreements within the court’s timeframe. Because of the quality of their product, their lightning-fast response to inquiries, and their genuine and personal care for their clients, we highly recommend Verdocs to any firm with an e-signing need.”
Kathie Daniel
Office Administrator , The Khayat Law Firm
“If you are searching to make your job more efficient, professional and at the same time organized, I would highly recommend using Verdocs. Been a loyal customer for years and their tools are a must in my line of work. Great support and always asking your opinion to make it even better. Our company uses Verdocs on a daily basis and has saved us time and money!”
George Spyridakis
CEO , Dakis Group

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