Verdocs offers different startup discounts based on your funding


Choose any Platform or API plan and receive a 75% discount year one, 50% discount year two, and a 25% discount ongoing.

  • Must have raised less than $2 million in funding


Choose any Platform or API plan and receive a 35% discount year one and a 25% discount ongoing.

  • Must have raised less than $25 million in funding
  • Last funding round must be Series A or earlier
As part of our commitment to innovation, Verdocs also partners with forward-thinking VCs, accelerators, and incubators to help startups grow and build better digital transaction experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you’ve used 75% of your documents for the month you’ll receive an email alert to give you a heads up. You can easily add more documents to your plan from your account settings. If you don’t add more documents before you go over, you’ll be charged per document over your purchased amount for that month.

Yes, once all signers have signed the document you will all automatically receive a signed copy of the document via email.

Each plan includes a certain amount of users and documents. If you’d like to add more you can simply scale up your usage from your account settings. Additional user fees vary between plans due to feature differences while additional document fees are the same across all plans. Both user and document fees scale with usage so the more you need the more you save!

Yes, you can add additional services and features to your plan from your account settings.

All plans (even the Free plan) include access to all integrations. Basic integrations are available to use for free, while advanced integrations can be added to your plan for an additional fee.

Verdocs offers both white labeling and custom branding. The full white label solution offers advanced customization and replaces all Verdocs branding with the customer’s completely. The custom branding functionality allows customers to use their logo and colors but doesn’t offer as much customization.

A platform fee is a low flat fee you pay to use the platform and API. This fee includes a certain amount of users, documents, and features. If you need to add more users or documents to your plan you can easily do so from within your account settings for additional fees whenever you’d like.

Yes, Verdocs are both ESIGN and UETA compliant. Verdocs’ electronic signatures and authorized Digital Signature Certificate ensures your documents are 100% legally binding and secure.

No, Pro plans are for individuals but if you need to add additional users you can upgrade to a Team plan, which includes three users and additional features.

Yes, every plan (even the Free plan) includes API sandbox access.

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