If you considering Verdocs for your day-to-day operations, we want to take the opportunity to outline how Verdocs is legally binding. We feel it is our goal that you have full confidence in all documents being executed on our platforms.

1. Legally Binding Electronic Signatures 

Verdocs has gone to great lengths to meet and exceed the requirements in U.S. electronic signing laws. 

All documents e-signed through Verdocs are legally binding and comply with US laws (E-Sign Act and UETA).

2. Digital Signatures & Tamperproof

Verdocs’ digital signatures use a standard, accepted format called Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), to provide the highest levels of security and universal acceptance. 

Such best-in-class implementation of digital signatures and tamperproof seal ensures you and your signers will never question document integrity. 

3. Signer Authentication

All signers must be authenticated and consent to electronically sign your document.  Verdocs offers four types of authentication.  

These various methods of authentication give you the flexibility to authenticate your signers as you wish and ensure the signers are the intended recipients for documents. 

A document certificate is issued with every signed document outlining key details:  

1. Audit Trail 
2. IP Address 
3. Date of Signing 
4. Signature Key
5. Authentication Method

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Verdocs through the support chat within your account or contact support@verdcos.com

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