We are always working on new ways to make business easier for our customers. Release Notes is our regular update which highlights recent product improvements that our team has made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

Page size & Rotation

You can now upload any PDF document of any page size and/or rotation. There is no need to reformat the document prior to uploading.

3 new field types

Radio button group

The buttons are placed as a group and you can add, remove, or position the individual buttons.

Checkbox group

Checkbox allows the recipient to select one or more options. You can define the minimum required options and/or a maximum number of options to be selected based on the document’s needs.

Dropdown menu

Dropdown menu allows a recipient to choose one option from a group of options, and for the option value to be printed on the document . You can define the options for your recipient to choose from the builder.

Verdocs Details

Upon recipient completion, the user is directed to an Verdocs Details page that provides an interface showing the Verdoc details, recipients, and event history of the document.

Verdoc Certificate

Upon Verdoc completion, a digitally signed, tamper-proof PDF Certificate is generated and shared to all participants as a separate attachment.  The certificate is also available in the Details page for future access through the original invitation link. The certificate recaps granular data about the Verdoc details, recipients, and event history in PDF format.  With this functionality, you can be confident that all of your electronic signatures are protected by the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act.

Signer task and error feature

To guide recipients to a successful submission, we have added a task and error management feature. The feature notifies recipients of fields that still require input, and guides recipients to each field until the Verdoc is ready to be submitted.

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