We are always working on new ways to make business easier for our customers. Release Notes is our regular update that highlights recent product improvements, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new.

So, What’s new?

New Builder Experience

Your document creation experience just got easier! The builder has an embedded wizard experience, that guides users step by step to (1) add source docs, (2) add roles, (3) add field types and leads users to our review page, where users can create the document’s first verdoc.

Review + Create Verdocs

he review page is an important new focus of our application. It leads all users that have access to review the document’s source docs, roles and field types prior to creating a Verdoc. The page includes a ‘create Verdoc’ overlay that allows users easily create and modify all settings and features of a new Verdoc. Our near term roadmap includes extending the create verdoc overlay to the other pages, as well as adding advanced recipient and Verdoc settings for modification by users.


For added guidance, we created tooltips that explain why certain buttons are greyed out and to introduce new features in detail.

App Settings for Organizations

In this release, organizations administrators can customize their organization’s base member privileges. A key benefit of this feature is the light weight maintenance required for administrators to manage access to shared documents for usage across an organization.

After an organization has been set up, organization administrators can restrict members from creating (or deleting) private or organization documents. Organization administrators can provide base privileges for its members to ‘review and create Verdocs’ from shared documents, or administrators can extend full edit privileges members. This fine grain access provides a flexible architecture to adapt settings to meet your organizations needs. To learn more about this important feature please visit our help center, or reach out to our support staff.

Improved browser compatibility

To make sure that you and your signers have the best experience using our platform, we improved our browser compatibility. We suggest using Chrome for the best user experience. We are constantly working on improving experience with Firefox, Safari, Edge and in this release we added Internet Explorer.


We aim to give you variety of resources to empower you to be your best! In addition to our e-signature tool we release industry specific resources. Real Estate is currently our fastest growing industry and to support our users we will be constantly releasing new content. Check out our latest blog post on “10 Tips on Becoming a Successful Real Estate Agent”. Let us know in the blog comments what topic should be next!

We are always working to make our e-signature solution more valuable for our users and welcome your feedback. Comment below to let us know your thoughts and what new features you want to see!

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