Release Notes is our regular update that highlights recent product improvements, so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new. We are always working on new ways to make business easier for our customers and value all the user feedback we have received to date.

So, What’s new?

1. In-Person Signing Link

Verdocs’ in-person signing link feature enables creators to access and share access to their Verdoc for electronic signature. After a Verdoc has been created and sent, an in-person link can be retrieved and provided to the recipient through any channel of communication. To learn more, please visit the in-person signing link post in the help center.

2. SMS / Text Messages

Verdocs now enables creators to send a Verdoc invite link via SMS. Signers can open documents and electronically sign without ever having to open their email or logging into their account. To learn more, please visit the SMS post in the help center.

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