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Showcase your brand with a dedicated partner profile page that doubles as a storefront for all of your content. Each of these pages as well as each of your documents have been optimized for SEO, so it will be easy for new customers to find and purchase your content.

Focus on content, let us handle distribution

We made it easy for you to sell and distribute your content to customers and members. Simply publish your content, then sit back and accept payments. Your customers can personalize the document to fit their needs in minutes and load into workflows for easy document generation and execution.

Increase content standardization and adoption

With Verdocs, you’re always in control of your content. We make it easy for you to make changes to documents, publish new versions, and ensure your customers always have the most up to date information they need at their fingertips.

Increase member value

Save your customers time and money by providing them easy access to your expert content within an actionable e-signature solution to prepare, generate, and execute faster than ever. They’ll appreciate the savings and love the experience.


Trade Associations

Thought Leadership Communities

Law Firms

Local, State, & Federal Government

Consulting Firms

Industry Experts




Quotes and Proposals

HR Documents


Approvals and Disclosures

Becoming a content partner is easy.

Setup your profile
Upload content and configure settings
Connect your bank account

Becoming a content partner is easy

Setup your profile

Setup your profile

Upload content and configure settings

Upload content and configure settings

Connect your bank account

Connect your bank account

Start growing your distribution today with Verdocs

Launch your content on Verdocs completely free

You choose what to charge for your content

Verdocs takes a 20% service fee for all content sold

You get paid fast and don’t have to market or manage your online store

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