Add an Approver as a gatekeeper for the Verdocs before it reaches the intended final recipient

Need an extra set of eyes to review your Verdoc before it reaches the client? You can use the option of adding an approver to look over the information before it reaches the designated recipient. You also have an option to CC email a copy of the final Verdocs, keeping interested parties in the loop.

Approval process saves you time by creating an automated internal workflow, allowing managers to review a document prior to sending.

Example:  you can add a property manager as an approver in order to confirm that all the information is filled out correctly before it reaches the tenant or the owner of the property for error-free signing. Once the approver reviewed the documents and clicks the approve button in the bottom right corner, the Verdoc is sent to the next recipient.

You can add an approver from the recipients tab in the document builder view, select your recipients and decide the order you want the Verdoc to be received. To ensure rejected documents are not delivered to the recipients, if the approver rejects the document, a new Verdoc must be created to finish the process,

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